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"Purchasing through Curtis+Richard was such a pleasant experience. The day I purchased my new favourite quartz (a 1970's Seiko Quartz) I got a notification email within an hour or so in regards to the shipping information. Shipping was fast and the watch came packaged securely and in a nice box with paperwork explaining the watch and simple vintage watch care. The gentlemen reached out to me a few days after I received the watch asking how I was enjoying the piece and for any feedback, just confirming the customer experience I expect from all businesses I wish to purchase from." - 1970 Seiko Quartz Owner

"Had the pleasure of purchasing a unique timepiece through Curtis+Richard. I think it will definitely fill that UG Polerouter sized hole in my greedy watch-loving heart. It plays with the light so beautifully. If you're in the market for an affordable, vintage timepiece, check these guys out!" - Nivada "Polerouter" Owner

"Big thanks to Curtis+Richard for this amazing vintage piece! I would definitely recommend their shop to anyone looking to pick up their own vintage watch. It's like a little piece of history right on your wrist!" - Waltham Date Owner