Consignment + Watch Sourcing

Looking to sell your watch? Consider consigning it through C+R.


Have your watch will be seen be thousands of vintage watch enthusiasts visiting our site. Treat your watch to professional photos, a compelling description written by us, and included promotions on our Instagram profile.

All for a highly competitive rate of 12-18% commission, depending on the watch's list price. <$1000 = 18%, >$1000 = 12%.

Send us an email with "CONSIGNMENT - the make and model of your watch" as the subject. In the body write a brief description, mechanical condition statement, and attach photographs of your watch. If we are interested, we will get back to you with a recommended price-point (which you are free to change to suit your needs).

Watch Sourcing

We also offer watch sourcing services if you're after a particular make and model. We can find just about anything, the only variable being time - and because of this, we charge nothing up front. Our rate depends on the price of the watch.

For watches under $500, we charge a flat rate of $35.

For watches between $500-$1000, we charge a flat rate of $50.

For watches over $1000, we charge 10% of the price of the watch.

We are always completely transparent about the price of the watch that we find for you, and you won't pay any more than the above mentioned rates.

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