Who We Are

The watches we carry in our collection were made by watchmaking-brands with the intent of crafting the highest quality and most innovative timepieces possible. Today's watch market is flooded with mass-produced designer-brand watches, which are created as an afterthought and a complementary product to other fashion items, or watches by brands who only sell them with the primary goal of making the watch as cheaply as possible and selling style over substance. We offer watches by brands and individuals who dedicated their lives to creating the best timepieces of their era and which have stood the test of time. Our watches come from all over the world. From the horological capital of the world, Switzerland, to Germany, and Japan, all pieces that we have to offer meet a high standard of mechanical craftsmanship and cohesive design.


I’m Brent Curtis of Curtis+Richard. In addition to being a watch enthusiast, I’m a huge car enthusiast. I’ve really been into cars since birth. I think watches and cars go together well and I’ve been able to develop a crazy passion for both, which is fun (but can be expensive). Logan and I have been friends since high school and have done almost everything together since then. I’ve worn watches since a young age, mostly Quartz Seikos, and I always liked watches but didn’t really get into them until the end of high school. When I started following watches, I mostly just looked at pictures of modern Rolexes and Omegas online and dreamed about wearing them. Eventually I caved, and I bought my first automatic, a Seiko 5 field watch. Like most college kids, I couldn’t spend $5,000 on a Rolex - so I bought cheaper watches like Seikos and Raketas online. What I started to realize was that I could get just as much, if not more, enjoyment from these watches as I could from any, which led me to appreciate them even more. Eventually I became interested in vintage watches. I loved not only the design elements of vintage over modern watches, but also the patina, heritage and character in each watch. Out of this realization and our passion for vintage watches, Logan and I have built Curtis+Richard as the place to go for quality, affordable vintage watches and all watch related content. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to be doing this!

Logan Richard

I’m Logan Richard of Curtis+Richard. I’ve been enamored with all things mechanical - and specifically watches - for as long as I can remember. In our podcast, I spoke about how my earliest memory of a watch is of the digital Casio that I had in the third grade, and how I used to watch the seconds pass by on its little square display. Brent and I both got serious about watches at around the same time - and for me, my primary fascination was with vintage pieces right off the bat. My first serious piece, like many other budding enthusiasts, was a Seiko 5 (a 1965 model). There’s something about this passion that has maintained my interest unlike anything else; I’ve had my fair share of hobbies over the years, from model trains, to RC planes, to photography and architecture, and I can say with confidence that I’ve had the most fun with vintage watches. It’s always been Brent and my primary interest to spread our love and passion for vintage watches to as many people as possible, and I hope that we’re able to bring many more people into this fine hobby with Curtis+Richard.

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